Increase social competitiveness

The Ministry of Public Administration and Security announced on the 21st that it has secured 500 million won in state funds after being selected for the “Social and Economic Distribution Support Center” public offering project to secure a stable market for social and economic enterprises and to create a base for co-prosperity and cooperation for promotion and marketing.

The “Daegu Social and Economic Distribution Innovation Platform,” which will be the base for co-prosperity and cooperation between local social and economic enterprises, will be about 400 square meters on the second floor of the ” Daegu Enterprise Luxury Hall” building near Yongsan Station in Dalseo-gu, and the project period will be two years from this year, with a total of 900 million won, including local expenses.

The name of Daegu Social Economic Distribution Support Center is ‘survival'(生ZONE). “Survival” (生ZONE) is a combination of each backword of co-prosperity and coexistence, which means that the platform built through cooperation and solidarity between social and economic companies becomes a living space. Survival (生ZONE) plans to link 15 local food stores that have been actively operating in Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province, and establish and operate an integrated distribution management system to promote joint marketing and joint sales of products from social and economic enterprises.

In particular, the planned site is adjacent to Yongsan Station in Dalseo-gu, and is packed with large apartments and shopping malls of more than 12,000 households within 1 km as the main point of the logistics transportation network adjacent to Sincheon-daero and the highway, and boasts the best location conditions with abundant public infrastructure. In addition, the full-fledged 구글상위작업 operation of the social and economic distribution support center is expected to have a positive impact on the revitalization of the somewhat stagnant Daegu Business Luxury Hall”shopping mall.”.

For local social and economic companies that have needed to improve their profit structure more than anything else, with their average sales remaining at the lowest level among the six metropolitan cities despite continued quantitative growth, the selection of the project to create a distribution support center is expected to be a turning point in distribution and logistics.

The Social and Economic Distribution Support Center, which is scheduled to open in October, is a facility jointly distributed and sold by social and economic enterprises such as village enterprises, cooperatives, social enterprises and self-help companies that were scattered around the community in the future. It will play a role in providing new sales channels to social and economic enterprises and enhancing self-sufficiency through joint promotion and marketing, and exchanges and cooperation between companies.

Hong Eui-rak, Deputy Mayor of Economy of Daegu City, said, “We expect that the Daegu Social and Economic Distribution Support Center will allow more consumers to meet the social economy in their lives and contribute to improving the logistics environment of social and economic enterprises that are struggling with logistics due to the lack of a professional distribution system,” adding, “We will actively support to provide an opportunity to further enhance the awareness and competitiveness of excellent social and economic products in the region and to secure various distribution channels based on the distribution support center.”.

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