Study of mud to treat diseases

The professor became interested in mud when his son developed an immune disease called pediatric renal syndrome, which was severely swollen because it was difficult to discharge urine properly, so he had to be treated with steroids repeatedly, but when the drug treatment was stopped, atopy became so severe that the whole family had to take care of his skin.

When he returned to his hometown of Boryeong and opened a skin care room, he used a mud pack for his son by chance, but the child’s red skin was restored to his own skin due to his improved moisturizing power.

My son confirmed that mud is effective for atopic dermatitis, but due to a lack of theoretical support, he enrolled in graduate school in 2010 and began to focus on mud research.

With the help of an academic advisor, he published an Iranian master’s thesis titled “Atopic Skin Improvement Using Mud” and it is the first paper to incorporate mud into the skin. At the same time, it applied for a mud therapy patent registration and was the first time local assets were used for patent registration.

Starting with this paper, papers by juniors who applied Boryeong mud to acne skin and scalp care began to appear, all of which were of course significant.

Subsequently, in 2013, the KBS Veteran’s Team proposed filming and conducted a joint study to 강남출장마사지 appear in the 483rd episode of “Healing with Nature.”.

He also won the Boryeong Mayor’s Award for publishing a research paper on improving atopic skin diseases using mud at a paper contest hosted by Boryeong City.

“I want to make the mud therapy of Boryeong into international luxury massage programs such as the massage of Romi of Hawaii, Chuna of China, Chuna of Thailand, and Xiachu of Japan.” Professor Bok says it is regrettable that there is so little data on mud research in Korea.

Professor Bok did not regret it, but proposed an atopic healing camp using mud to the Boryeong Health Center. “The west coast mudflats are considered one of the world’s top five mudflats, and Boryeong mudflats are the best. Moreover, Seongjusan Natural Recreation Forest has accepted the suggestion that dense forests, bizarre stones and clear valleys have a magnificent view to the extent that you can’t see the sky, and has been receiving positive responses since 2016 by holding an “atopi healing camp” with mud. Last year, we held a camp using mud experience kits online and the results were successful.

A satisfaction survey was conducted on 30 atopic children and their families, and the response was nearly 100% positive. According to the “2020 Atopic Healing Online Camp Results Report”conducted by the Boryeong Public Health Center, five of the six satisfaction questions (disease understanding, data satisfaction, textbook satisfaction, location satisfaction, and intention of re-participation) said they were 100% satisfied, and one person said he/she was disappointed that the (97%) education video was too short.

“I have taken the first step to scientifically prove why mud is good for the skin,” said Professor Bok, who is about to graduate this year. “I will focus on accumulating data for the time being “I said my future aspiration

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