Gangnam Women’s Jiu-Jitsu/Shinchon Jiu-Jitsu: First class participation in Lee Hee-sung’s Jiu-Jitsu Main Building in 9 months after giving birth! Self-defense is jiu-jitsu, diet is jiu-jitsu.

It has been about a year and a half since I couldn’t enter the class.

I couldn’t run properly until six months because I lost my muscles after giving birth to a baby, but now that my body is quite back and I can move, I desperately need to think about exercise.

In addition, he lost 15 kilograms in a week after gaining nearly 20 kilograms during pregnancy, so he thought he would naturally return to his pre-pregnancy weight, but the remaining 5 to 6 kilograms are still remaining until the first baby is around the corner. Yeah… I didn’t take care of it, but I was naive to think I’d miss it.

But I said that breastfeeding would make your stomach faster. I guess it’s just your stomach.

Now that I’m used to seeing babies, I’m starting to care more about my body that changed from before I got pregnant.

Even if you wear the same clothes, it’s different from before, and you can barely wear a size 55 dress, and you can’t even look at pants without a rubber band. I want to lose weight!

So, I tried YouTube Homes little by little, and they were just jujitsu. I don’t have enough exercise, but it’s harder and boring? And after spending a day doing housework looking at a baby, I don’t feel motivated to exercise. ← This is an excuse.

I thought about how I could do jujitsu at least once. I can’t go to our gym class because we only have weekday evenings and mornings. The main building of Lee Hee-sung, located in front of Sinchon University, has classes at 11 p.m. on weekends (

Korea BJJ Lee Hee-sung, Jisu Shinchon Main Building, Seoul Jiujitsu 주짓수 BJJ

Hickson Gray Clock Series Sinchonjujitsu BJJ, Korea’s First Black Belt 2-tier Lee Heesung Tube Direct Map Rickson Gracie Lineage Seoul Jiujitsu BJJ

Oh, my thumbnail. The back is J. )

Lee Hee-sung, Jutji Suacademy
3 VILAGEPLAZA, Ewha Womans University 1 An-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

The baby wakes up around 8 o’clock, eats zzzzzzzz, takes a nap 1 around 10 to 11 o’clock, and eats baby food around 12 to 1 o’clock, so you can stay with your father about 10 to 3 o’clock. “If it’s not Corona, I’ll take her with me, but my baby is still a little baby who can’t even wear a mask, so it’s too early to take her to a jiu-jitsu class in the indoor space.”(Laughs)

So when I go out at 10:20, take the 11 o’clock class, come out around 1 o’clock and come home by 2 o’clock, the baby sleeps, eats baby food, has fun with my dad, and I work out so much. It’s a perfect plan!

I called J. Park, who is currently attending the main building due to the company, and I waited for the day in case I didn’t get tired.

It’s been so long since I went to class with a uniform, so I was very excited and expected it. I overslept the night before and had a dream that I couldn’t go to class. Bokddang wakes up at 7 a.m. It can’t be. I wake up safely, breast-feeding my baby, clean up my house, and cool off my dog, clean it up, wake up my husband, leave my baby, and get out of my bag quickly and run on the riverside. I’m so happy!ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

When I entered the parking lot, J arrived just a moment ago and was waiting for me. I’m going to give you baby clothes again. Yes! Our dang’s clothes were handed down by 80 percent J. Anyway, we’re coming out together and heading to the gym with our bags, but why are we already out of breath? Are we able to work out today? I said with a smile, but with childbirth and childcare, your stamina has fallen to the ground…

Also, the class starts and we all work out together with warm-up. Oh, my. Why am I tired already tired? It’s just a little run, a little buffy, a little bridge… I felt like I finished working out today. I was the oldest student in the class that day, but my stamina was the worst…

Sunday classes at the main building run straight from 11 a.m. to the general classes at 12 a.m. on this day, 11 p.m. classes are the foundation of the basics and important push and pull! It was a central game. There were two women who came to the experience, so J and I were able to take a look at each of them. Wow, but it’s been a while since I’ve done this, so this I’m embarrassed that you need to practice a lot. Yes, of course. Please tell my husband about it often from now on. (But I’m a little less embarrassed because I’m a lady with children.) I’m sure you’ll all understand a little bit… )

One standing self-defense technique after centralization exercise.

The next thing I learned was self-defense when the other person hugged me from the front.

No matter how long you train Jujitsu, there are not many situations like this in sparring or competition, so there are many movements that you never know unless you learn separately.

But in fact, the skills we need in times of crisis are these things. And it is also self-defense that forms the basis of jiujitsu.

Self-defense is mostly simple and easy for anyone to do, but it should be able to operate reflexively through so much practice. You can’t use self-defense if you have to think.

When an opponent tries to embrace me in front of me, it is important that my lower body moves away by holding up the opponent’s pelvis. If caught at this time, the opponent may be overwhelmed and heard. It’s dangerous because it’s thrown or taken if you hear it, so you have to fall down, but it’s important not to be caught or dragged at least even if you don’t have a weak power. This should be why we learn jujitsu and self-defense. Everyone, practice this. please

It’s so good to do self-defense after a long time. It’s so much fun.ㅠ

But I already lost all my energy after practicing that. In part two, the instructor tried to show me how to practice the technique, but after part one, I lost my strength, so I changed it to someone else. I’m embarrassed again.

Anyway, after the first part of class, I did 7 minutes of sparring with JS Park and I really died.

J. Park, who always does his best to spar all the time, seemed to have given me a hint that this is my first day back after giving birth to my sister.

Oh, my God. He’s not confident in passing, but why can’t the collar be torn off and the other leg keeps picking up? J.P.K. Guard seems to have gone unnoticed in a year. It’s not that I’m bad at it, but that J is better at it’s right. The directors said J’s skills have improved a lot.

Y took a sparring video. I should post it later. While nursing a baby, I watched the video and lamented my poor guard skills and stamina for a year.

But… but it was so much fun…!! And with this seven-minute sparring, I had to see two days of muscle pain, post-exercise fat burning and my lowest weight after giving birth. It was amazing.

Part 2 is a single-leg take-down defense.

In part two, I practiced single-leg take-down and defense, and this was so good. I really wanted to try this while I wasn’t working out. You grab the other person’s leg and fall down. I’ll practice again when I go to the gym. I’ll try it in sparring.

During the sparring session, I did a light sparring with a beginner woman, and J and JS Park only had a part-time. I was already at home because of the sparring during the break. And I think I forgot all the guards (I told my husband about this, and he couldn’t even wal-pass after watching the sparring video? ……I don’t want to say anything) So I just kept playing guard, but he kept passing. When I said, “I wasn’t that easily passed,” I remembered the scene where I was passed in three seconds in the last sparring video before I got pregnant. I should work hard.

I’ve been trying again, but the director of the main building came for a while and told me to try again. What… what about this? She looked like a new world as if she had never learned how to be a guard. It was such a shock to me. I think I can do better next time. You have to come back as soon as possible.

It’s been a long time since we met. Thank you for the senior center. We’re all in our thirties. Two of them are baby mothers.Time…

Even though I’m taking classes and practicing hard, I was wondering if my baby was doing well, so I asked the director for his understanding and kept looking into the home camera. He’s playing so well with his dad. Why aren’t you sleeping…? I should have slept at 11 p.m., but I was able to exercise more with confidence because my husband was spending time well with the baby without contacting me, saying that no news was good news even if it was almost 1 p.m. At least you don’t have to starve because you have baby food? “Maternal mother said baby food is free. Later, when I went home, I was sleepy at 11 o’clock, so I rubbed my eyes, but I tried not to sleep, so I just hung out and ate baby food with my whole body at 1 o’clock and fell asleep around 2 o’clock when I arrived home.” Next time, you can finish the second part, practice more, and come home.

Participation in the class in a year and a half was successfully completed.

When I came home, I ate and weighed myself, and it was 60kg, so I was sweating so much, but I thought I ate too much, but the next day I weighed 59.3kg, and the next day, my empty stomach weight dropped to 58.9. It was always about 59.9 on an empty stomach. Wow… I’ve never cared about the scale because I always exercised before giving birth to a baby, but since I couldn’t exercise, I was stressed by the number of people who didn’t move, even though I saw it often.

But you’re so impressed with the afterburn effect after sparring once. By this evening I exercised, if she is hot at home like this and why I went to the flattery that hot, hot you trouble.

And the next morning, you’re going to experience a traumatic full-body muscle pain.

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