Submission documents require an application for participation and a business plan.

The government encourages young people to get jobs through various support methods, and provides loans of up to 100 million won at low interest rates to young people preparing to start their own businesses. You can proceed with youth start-up loans through commercial banks, but if you apply through government guarantees, you can proceed with better conditions, limits, interest rates, and application methods.
Of course, youth start-up loans are aimed at young people, so the age standard applies. Other youth support policies are often defined as those under the age of 34, but the loan support conditions are subject to those under the age of 39. Since it is supported for new or prospective start-ups, those who are preparing to start their own businesses or less than three years ago will be eligible.
Personal Business Loan Personal Business Loan

At the time of the initial loan, a business registration card is required, so those who are planning to start a business must issue a business registration at the time of application for the loan. The budget is limited every year, so if it exceeds the target size, you need to apply next year, so you should keep that in mind. Also, even if you are selected as a loan target, those who fail to perform the business by stage may be eliminated, so please check the details through consultation when applying for a loan.
Youth start-up loans are supported up to 100 million won per company. In the case of the manufacturing industry, it is said that up to 200 million won is easy. It seems to be supported only if the purpose of the fund is confirmed. Interest rates are applied at a fixed rate of around 2% per year. You can see that it’s a better condition than regular bank loans because you can get support at low interest rates.
Government-funded start-up funds Government-funded start-up funds

The loan period can be used including 3 years of grace period for 6 years. In addition, an autonomous corporate repayment system can be introduced to reduce the burden of loan repayment. In addition to supporting youth start-up loans, it will be helpful if you refer to the information because it will be additional mentoring support for business operations.
There are two representative products supported by the government for youth start-up loans. One is a youth start-up loan from the Small and Medium Venture Business Promotion Foundation and the other is a K-Start-up support project. The terms of the SME Venture Business Promotion Foundation’s youth start-up loan should be less than three years after the start of the business or preparing for small and medium-sized enterprises or start-ups as of the application 폰테크 date, and the representative should be young people under 39. However, a business registration is required for the final loan.
Low interest rate business loans Low interest rate business loans

Support is provided in the form of a loan, and facility funds are available if necessary for production facilities, test inspection equipment, informatization promotion and service provision, process installation and stability evaluation, distribution and logistics. Land purchase costs should be able to be built within six months of the site where the construction permit has been confirmed, and building funds for rental deposit sites and securing business sites can be provided only once every three years.
The cost of starting a business, the cost of producing products, and the cost of corporate management are also available. The loan period is within 3 years and can be up to 6 years. The loan limit is 100 million won per company, and the application process is self-diagnosis > prior consultation > online application. The application for funds in the month must be completed by the end of the previous month for self-diagnosis and prior consultation. For the required documents, you can fill out the application for SME policy loan, the receptionist can proceed with the Start-up Technology Office, and the Small and Medium Venture Business Promotion Corporation for inquiries.
State-funded start-up funds State-funded start-up funds

In the case of K-Startup, it is a business that supports commercialization for start-ups with promising start-up items. Companies that are within seven years of their founding can participate. I don’t have a repayment obligation because it’s not in the form of a loan. If you make a loan, you will have to pay back the loan if the founder closes, but in the case of K-Startup, it is recommended because it is a project that evaluates and supports the technology of young start-ups.
We evaluate each stage to select the winners, and the total prize money for the contest winner is KRW 15.8 billion. We are accepting applications online on the K-Startup website, and we need an application for participation and a business plan for submission.

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