Boss, please sing again :)

A few days ago, he was helping me with a golf lesson.
I went to the wine bar with my teacher and acquaintances.

I’ve never been to Pyeongchon restaurant.
I haven’t been to a wine bar in a long time.

We found a place like our new hideout.
It was such a nice day.

Everyone who’s been there…
I think it’s a place that I want to know.
I don’t know if I can post it like this.

VINA Wine & Malt
live Music Club
Pyeongchon Food Village.

Pyeongchon is a neighborhood where my aunt used to live when I was young, so I’ve been here a few times, and it seems like it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been here 🙂 Pyeongchon is nice~

Pyeongchon Food Village 강남풀싸롱 literally has a lot of restaurants.
There are a lot of academies, too.
The place I visited on this day…
The space that my teacher loves.
Pyeongchon Food Village Wine bar VINA.

The store name is VINA (Vina.
It’s located on the right side of the coastal restaurant!
© NAVER Corp.
47 B1, Gwiin-ro 190beon-gil, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
Leave coordinates.
Don’t go too far…
I’m the only one who goes… They give me a lot of service. LOL

I’m kidding, you’re really good at cooking.
I can’t help but order some snacks, and they’re never gonna end.
Thank you so much for bringing me food, drink, pray and love. It’s a joke.
I thought it would be a wine bar, but it’s a wine bar that feels like a live cafe where you can listen to live music.

It’s not a fusion, it’s a fusion.
We were the only guests on this day, so the boss told us a lot of stories ^^;;

Right now, because of Corona.
I don’t have a band. If I ask, the owner will sing for me. He never took it out. Haha
Early in the evening? We arrived at 5:00.
Our table was the only guest.
Occupational disease? Maybe it’s because of that. First, take a picture.
There’s a lot of wine.
To me, wine… Cheap and full? The first thing that comes to mind is the Australian wine LOL yellowtail that I drank when I was studying abroad.

Or Costco wine. ^^;;
Two teachers and a friend.
It’s been a while since four of us gathered together.

I chose this table. Haha
First, order a bottle of Chilean wine!
My boss recommended me a wine that’s more cost-effective than an expensive one.
When I ordered wine, you said you brought it from your house today.
They sent me oyster pancakes.

Oyster war is awesome.
Oh, what was the name of this thing?
It was really good.

I don’t know much about wine, but it was delicious.
It was Chilean wine, but the name was… I can’t remember…

Attached is the picture below! LOL
Most of all…
This wine glass costs more than 100,000 won.
Can’t you break it? Haha

The name of the wine is Laura Hartwick Carminer.
If you bump into each other,
It made a really good sound.

If I hit it too hard, it’ll break, right? Haha
A good cup, a pretty glass to make anything delicious.

The owner who explained about wine and wine glasses.
Please make me grilled deodeok to see if you’ve received the feeling.
They even gave me kimchi bizzy because I didn’t eat dinner.

I heard you brought it from home.
You’re a great cook.~

There’s also a restaurant called the choi table nearby.
I never thought that side would go well with wine side dish.
Next up is this guy!
The Chilean wine was amazing earlier, but…

The second bottle of wine is even better!
This is Barossa Valley Wine, one of the three most famous wine-producing areas in Australia.

I’m studying in Australia again.
I’ve never been there before, but I heard about it a lot during the Australian specialist training, so I wanted to go there.

The wine product name is Valley Flowshraz.

Oh, this is really good 🙂
It was the best wine I’ve ever had.
Maybe it’s because the guys are here together.
As expected, we have some snacks left. Haha
The round cheese on the left was delicious!!!
Why don’t you wear a hat on that day? You said you were out.
I asked him to sing a song.

I’d like to post it on video, but…
I didn’t ask for permission, but I’ll leave it as a capture copy.

Personally, out of the three songs you sang on this day,
I really liked Nami’s “Sad Love” song.

We had a great time because they gave us a lot of delicious wine and various Korean foods that were strangely well-much fun.

I’ll use it as a hideout. Boss! I love it!
Wine & Malt.
I’ll be there again soon.
It wasn’t the style of wine bar I knew.
Nice music, delicious wine, and food.
(He gave me so much)

To know a good store and a good man,
It was a very pleasant evening.

I’m the only one who wants to know.
It would be nice to go with friends or lovers!

You sang it right away without warming up your voice, but you’re a great singer.
Boss, please sing again 🙂

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