College Students’ P2P Loan Reminders

Hello, college students have a lot of restrictions on loan use, which is easy to get out of the financial sector because they don’t have a clear job and they don’t have a good credit rating. But even if you are a college student who is actually classified as unemployed, there is a loan that can be used. Today, we will learn about the types of P2P loans for college students and have time to learn about each condition and qualification.

College student P2P loan?

So what is P2P loan? It is a service that connects the lender with the debtor who needs it. That’s why debtors call P2P loans and creditors call them P2P investments.

Usually, for general loans, the deposits left by the user to the bank were operated in the form of lending to other users or companies by the bank, but for P2P loans, the P2P platform is operated in the form of collecting money from a large number of creditors after taking only brokerage fees and paying them to the debtor.

university student P2P loan utilization method

The way you receive it is similar to the traditional form of lending: when a college student who needs money applies to the P2P service platform, you will be judged and then you will calculate interest rates or limits.

Later, the individual will apply for a loan and the P2P investors who have seen it will lend the funds.

college student P2P loan advantage

If you say that it is the biggest advantage, it is more approval rate than general 1 financial loan. College students are as unemployed as they are, so they are likely to be disadvantaged when using loans because they do not have a job or income, but if they use P2P loans, they have the advantage of being quickly reviewed and paid.

But the interest rate is high, so debtors have a disadvantage of having to pay high interest rates, which is also an advantage of investors’ high profits.

college student P2P loan type

So, let’s look at the types of P2P loans for college students.

Together funding

The first is Together Funding, which can be received regardless of credit rating or tenure, with low interest rates, which can be used at low interest rates, from a low of 5.5% to 9.8% 폰테크 per annum. I do not have a mid-term repayment fee, so I have the advantage of being able to repay it at any time. It is possible to use it really quickly because it is solved in up to 2 days from the day of application to the application, examination, approval and execution as well as the day of application.


The second college student P2P loan type is terrafunding. Even if you repay the principal in the middle because there is no intermediate repayment fee, the fee is 0 won. It is available at a minimum interest rate of 7% on the pension plan on a maturity date and time repayment; available for six to 12 months.

rending science

The funds from the minimum of 1 million won to 30 million won are available at 3% interest rates; the loan period is 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months. Among unemployed loans, interest rates are really low.

College Students’ P2P Loan Reminders

P2P loans are easily approved and have a higher limit than 1 financial sector, and can be used at lower interest rates than 2 financial institutions. Nowadays, 1 financial sector is also operating high-interest loans.

When you look at the loan, it is important to look at the 1 financial sector. Even if you are a college student, you can often use products such as high-interest loans, emergency loans, or small loans in the 1 financial sector.

Even if it is a small amount, it is the right money plan to use the products of 1 financial sector and fill the remaining funds with P2P loans.In addition, there are many kinds of national welfare loans that support young people in the country, so it is important to carefully examine them.

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