He said it was a rumored number one, but he decided to take it

Hello, I finally got back Friday when I was waiting for you! Maybe it’s an unusually nice Friday than usual because of my promise to go to Cheonan. Cheonan Korean massage was the only hobby and healing for me who had no hobby and no fun in the routine that was repeated every day. I feel so good once I get out on a stressful day !!My head is also pinging well and my body is refreshed, so I am going to my house these days, and I want to introduce you to you!

I’m not too far from downtown Cheonan. 강남건마 Everyone knows that the bus terminal is a hot place. There’s a movie theater around. There are many restaurants and there are many entertainments to enjoy, so it is very good to go out after getting massaged In addition, I think you can come to the street with such a long way or a long way to go. Those who have a car can park free of charge in the basement of the building, so you do not have to worry

The unusual force from the entrance! I thought it would be a dark and dark atmosphere just because it was a massage shop. In fact, some of the places I’ve been to are pretty dark and I’ve been a little scared. However, as you can see, Cheonan Korean massage was so bright and clean that I felt comfortable with my heart ~ I felt better because of the teacher who welcomed me.

I decided to take a slow look at the store, and when I made a reservation and visited, I booked it because I had a reservation discount, but I arrived earlier than I thought, so I had more time. But it was so clean and pleasant! Nowadays, the city is a city, so he said that he does not neglect disinfection until he has brake time twice a day every day. Thanks to this, I was able to use it more safely.

I decided to decide what kind of care I would get from the menu, from dry massage to wet massage, so I could choose it comfortably. The thing I liked most was that the price was cheap. But I didn’t really know the massage. When I asked what course to take after consulting my teacher, he recommended aroma massage. He said it was a rumored place as Cheonan Aroma Massage Number One.

I came into the dressing room of Cheonan Korean massage to change clothes. It was good to have a good management condition, and it was very good to be able to solve it in one space because it had a shower room, a dressing table and a locker. There was also the advantage of short mobility because you didn’t have to carry around with your luggage, and of course there were men and women separated

I finally came into the room to get a Korean massage from Cheonan, and I was wondering what kind of care you would give me. I was so tired that I was falling asleep on my own, and my teacher came in. I do not have to say here, but I find a place where I have gathered, and it was an hour in a blink of an eye!I strongly recommend you because it was the best place to have real skills and service

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