The color doesn’t look much different from the red label

Scotland and Ireland are considered the traditional aborigines of whiskey. This is because whiskey is 셔츠룸 generally considered to mature well in areas with low temperatures and high humidity. In order to age for a long time, the amount of evaporation of whiskey undiluted must be low, and whiskey grown in these areas is said to be 1-2% of the undiluted solution per year. So I thought it would be hard to make whiskey in places like Taiwan. But he does it again. In Cavalan!
The company that made the brand Cavalan is KING CAR GROUP in Taiwan. It seems to be a well-known Mr. Brown brand for Koreans. If you’ve visited Taiwan, you’ve never been there before. I also buy milk tea made by Mr. Brown from Carrefour.
In 2005, Taiwan’s first distillery in Iran created Cavalan in this kind of King Car Group. Is it possible to manufacture whiskey in a subtropical climate? That’s what Cavalan thought when he turned it upside down.
As I said above, I thought that for whiskey to have a long ripening period, about 2% of alcohol, the amount of alcohol that evaporates from the matured whiskey, was appropriate per year. But this seems to be the story of the traditional whiskey based on the premise of such a long ripening period of 12, 15, and 30 years.
In Taiwan, a subtropical climate, 15-20% of the original whiskey solution evaporates a year and cannot mature for as long as traditional whiskey. Instead, Cavalan says 30 years of ripening in Scotland and Ireland is only 5 to 6 years in Taiwan. The cavalan does not indicate the age of maturity.
You may have laughed at this cavalan at first, but as more and more people are looking for whiskey these days, the aged oak barrels are gradually starting to run out, and traditional whiskey seems to be participating in not marking the age of maturity. And the taste of whiskey isn’t just affected by the age of maturity. What grain is made of, fermentation, distillation, and ripening in what oak barrels are actually more important.
First of all, the name Kavalan comes from the old name of Iran, where Dystillary is currently located, and the Kavalan people, who lived there.
Cavalan is now recognized worldwide for winning more than 320 awards. In Korea, it has been importing and distributing from Goln Blue since 2017, and sales have grown 71% year-on-year in 2019, adding to its popularity. I think it’s because of the small amount of Cavalan Distillaries Select that I bought several bottles. It’s sold at E-Mart, but it’s 200ml, so you can carry it with you at no cost.
When I first smelled the scent, the alcohol scent was much lighter than the red label, and it seemed to have a sweet fruit scent as well as vanilla. It’s fragrant and soft.
It was very soft when I was sitting, and I stayed a little longer, so the spiciness slowly came up.
When I swallowed and felt the lingering scent, I felt a little mild smoky compared to the red label.
There wasn’t much that came over my nose, but it was left in my mouth.
I’ve only tried 3 kinds of whiskey, and I can’t express the scent well. I’m just saying it as I feel it, but personally, the black label was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten. It was between Red Label and Jameson. When I wanted to enjoy the red label a little more spicier, Jameson Irish was soft and simple, the black label seemed to be delicious whenever I drank it. Whiskey definitely has different scents and flavors, so it’s fun to enjoy. I’m glad I found one of your favorite whiskey

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