I will definitely find the aroma massage shop!

Hello! Today is a happy Monday! If it were normal, I would have had a hard day because of the bad weather and Monday blues, but the massage I got yesterday worked so well that I didn’t have a hard time sitting down all day, and I wasn’t dazed or sleepy and focused on my work! rummage through the site in love with dry spells to refresh oneself with time all day long. I found a good place near my house and ran straight to Yongin Aroma Massage Shop!

The ‘Fox’ I visited was located near Myeongji Grand Street. I visited by car. Parking was available for free, so I could visit comfortably without stress due to parking problems. The Yongin massage shop was open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. If you’re visiting, you’d better keep that in mind.
Before entering the aroma massage shop, 서초건마 I was able to sterilize my hands, check my body temperature, and fill out the visit log. And there’s a spray that can sanitize your clothes. I think you’re taking care of quarantine one step more than other places. Also, the managers were disinfecting frequently where they could reach.

These days, when Corona is severe, you have to be sensitive to quarantine. I tend to refrain from going out, but I get nervous when I have to be outside. Yongin massage shop has disinfection equipment that can disinfect the entire shop, so it is said to be disinfected 5-6 times a day, so there is an environment where you can take care of it comfortably with Corona.
Yongin Aroma massage shop was very calm and clean. It’s not too bright or too dark. The light and calm music make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter the shop. It’s a perfect atmosphere to leave other thoughts out for a while and just come to rest.

They gave me a warm welcome tea. The scent was soft, so it was easy to drink green tea. Green tea without likes and dislikes is a great tea for anyone to enjoy. I heard that aroma massage shop makes tea with powder, not tea bags, so I could drink it in a good mood because it tastes darker and smells softer than tea bags.

While drinking warm green tea, I heard about the program of Yongin massage shop to choose the care I will receive this time. All courses are run with dry and oil massage. Course A was 110,000 won for an hour and course B was 90 150,000 won.

At first, I thought the price was a bit burdensome. But I wanted to solve it properly, so I chose course B. I would have regretted it if I got an hour course when I got it all, so I thought it was enough to get this price for the delicate management of the Korean massage manager in Yongin.

There were air purifiers all over Yongin Aroma massage shop. It’s very difficult to ventilate on a day when fine dust is severe these days, but since there is an air purifier like this, they took good care of it so that you can breathe fresh air and get care.

I was guided to the dressing room of the aroma massage shop to change my clothes. The first thing that stood out was the maintenance clothes that were divided by size. It was washed cleanly and well, so it felt good to touch the skin. Also, because I could choose the size I wanted to wear, I could choose a bigger size and get a massage more comfortably.

I feel much lighter after changing into a lightweight and generous suit. The footstep to get a foot bath has also become lighter. There were many types of rooms in the aroma massage shop. It’s a single room for those who come alone, a double room for couples or friends, and a multi-person room for up to 4 people. Yongin massage shop is very comfortable for any type of guests.

The foot bath was decorated with wood overall, so I felt like I was getting a foot bath in nature. It’s really luxurious and cool with a gold foot bath. What I liked the most was that foot bath time was not included in the management time. I was so happy to think about enjoying the foot bath at the Aroma massage shop in Yongin after a long time.

Aroma massage manager washed my feet clean first and received water at the temperature I wanted. I soaked my feet in the water that even released the fragrant foot bath, and my whole body felt prickly and my frozen feet melted in the winter wind, and my body warmed up. They say foot bath is good for blood circulation, so I’m gonna get it at home from time to time.

I came to my room to get treatment, but I think there are more shops that use silicon pillows. It was much less cut on the face and neck than a regular pillow and much less stimulating, so I could get more comfortable care during the Yongin Swedish massage.
At first, he stretched his whole body dry and flapped it. I didn’t think it would be that hard because I would stretch by myself often, but Yong-in’s aroma massage specialist’s touch seemed to be different. The loud sound was really loud, but I felt like it was as cool as the sound.

It seems like they’re looking for clumps while applying warm oil. Before I said the uncomfortable place first, he knew it right away and solved it intensively and meticulously. My shoulder, which hurt just by touching it at first, was loosened when I got on the aroma massage manager’s hand.

After the massage, I tried to move around and it was much lighter and fresher than before I came to the shop! I went to take a shower because I wanted to feel refreshed, but the shower room at Yongin Massage Shop was clean overall. The hair on the floor was so shiny that I couldn’t bite it!

Aroma massage shop had all the products you needed to touch your hair or take care of your skin. I was able to prepare comfortably until the end.
I finished taking care of it by giving a simple snack and tea. It’s a massage shop that anyone who wants to get an internal massage would really like! I will visit the Yongin Aroma massage shop next time.

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