Instrument cluster enclosing structure

I was walking around, curled up in the cold.

I just walked, and I got a muscle pain.

I crouched because it was cold, and I saw the wingspan and the front of my shoulder.

Seeing the pain 88카 happening. exceptionally

Because it’s a windy day, the front of my clothes

It was cold when it opened, so I walked with it all wrapped up.

There must be a problem with muscle strain.

I don’t want this to happen again. Dinner

It was hard to get a home run in time.

a large box of used cars like modern Palisade.

If you had, your back would have hurt, but you said it was cold.

You wouldn’t have crouched or anything.

Maybe it’s the end of the year, but I want to realize my dream.

These days, I can’t stop thinking about it. as if it were you born of course not.

Even if you choose a bungboong, it’s a medium size.

It’s not a small car, it’s a big, reliable car.

I wanted to see something good to ride around!

Among the suvs famous for their sub-large size,

It’s one of the best. No wonder it’s a new car.

It’s been a long time, let alone expensive.

He used to wait and pick this guy.

They say you have a strong charm that you want to catch for a moment.

Well, it’s good until you see it in person.

He came in, but he didn’t realize it.

But I look around and look around.

And after careful observation, what is the value?

There’s a reason why it’s so high.

They’re big enough, so basically,

Five known ordinary suv gardens.

I could’ve picked up more people than this.

Isn’t it amazing? on the contrary, many

You can use the trunk to load the luggage.

I was very surprised that you could do it for me.

Where else is there such a boongboong? Of course.

I do, but on this level of excellence,

I don’t think it’s common to be with me.

Modern Palisade used to be very oily.

It’s a solid figure going in. First, the injection.

It was a digital one. So

I’m so glad you let me eat less.

I’ll say. If it was gasoline,

I’ve imagined for a moment what it would be like.

It’s so far away. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of oil.

He does, but for now, the color of his appearance is…

I also want to talk about dark gray!

Since the shape is heavy and loose,

It’s not a feeling, it’s a new one.

It’s a fascinating thing to say.

It was like that. Light was flowing with it.

When I got on board Palisade Secondary School, I was really…

The body was set high! as high as this

The structured one is the first one I’ve been on in a long time ago.

If you want to be higher than this, think.

I’ve tried, like, a truck or something. Size

It seemed like it was organized like this.~

It seems a little difficult for young children to ride!

But there’s a whole set of footprints down there.

After all, I thought it would be nice to step on.

I heard you. Keep your support steady.

Getting on and off was easier to help!

The arrangement of colors in the room was quite impressive.

It’s neat and tidy, too, personal.

Set the top ceiling to a brighter color with the

I liked it because it was there, and if I wore it like this,

I think I can run to you anytime.

I mean, it’s not just about the function, it’

And the exterior and interior that was being shown.

He’s very attractive, so why is he so popular?

I realized it right away. to the extent of its residual value

It’s high. The functions work perfectly.

Turns out he’s out to be accident-free.

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