When I go shopping in Europe, I want to make a variety of products such as Tex Leafen

What do you want to have these days?

I’m in a state of great pain in my shopping needs these days.

If I work as a flight attendant, I have a lot of work to go to Europe.

I used to shop big once a year in France.

As a result, it is a waste to pay the price of Korean luxury goods and buy the same products.

Even though there is money in Korea, there is no product so I cannot buy it.

I’ve had a lot.

Why are you doing this? Really

I didn’t want to buy anything small, because I wanted big things.

Think about it before your birthday. Everyone’s coming.

I thought hard and made a few wish lists.

The first wishlist was originally Dyson.

I’ve already received the gift and passed it! (I’ll leave a review of this soon.)

The second wish list was to buy the 레플리카 Marshall Spicer Stanmore and the stand.

It’s so expensive in Korea that I was going to buy it on my behalf.

But it’s okay to buy it expensive in Korea, so my friend asked me to tell him.

Then I asked for a white Acton, please.

But everywhere that deals with Acton,

They said they’re all sold out and they don’t know when they’ll be back.

That’s why I can’t buy this.

Black basic Prada nylon cap, third wishlist.

There is no supply for this in the vicinity of Seoul, and it will not come back until February.

He said he didn’t know the exact date.

Oh, my God.

I think our country people are living really well…

After they’ve already been robbed…

Gucci GG Mamong Belt 409417

Easy Daily Women’s Luxury Belt Recommendation

And finally, the last time I came was the Gucci belt.

It’s a thin leather belt, and it’s worth 500,000 won.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to buy this.

I haven’t been able to buy it…

Thanks to my friends, I was able to receive it.

I’m really grateful and sorry.

My friends bought me expensive gifts with hard-earned money.

I received it thankfully and decided to use it well.

Easy Daily Women’s Luxury Belt Recommendation

Gucci GG Mamong Belt 409417

I prefer clean silver to vintage gold.

I actually liked it.

The design itself is simple.

I think I can match any outfit comfortably.

Interlocking gold belts were in the same price range.

I’m a double-gee logo cleaner than an interlocking logo.

So I ended up choosing this one.

Strangely enough, the interlocking logo is sort of like an outlet…

It was kind of an unfavorable feeling. I

Gucci usually has products exclusively for outlets, but it has a lot of interlocking feeling, so it’s a personal experience-based feeling.
The Gucci package has changed!!!

Originally, beige black was a neat design.

It turned into a very vintage package.~~

The vintage patterns were imprinted.

I’m sorry…

The string was originally pretty tied up.

Yesterday, I had a party with my friends.

I let it go right in front of him.

I couldn’t take a picture.

I just wanted to show you that this was the way the strings were tied.

I tied it up and it’s a mess…

Anyway, let’s untie it like this.

It’s a gift. It has an exchange card that can be exchanged within two weeks.

So if you have any problems with the size of the gift you received,

You can exchange it in two weeks… It’s so nice.

Ta-da! There’s a belt in this white Gucci pouch.

I’ll just open it.

Gucci GG Mamong Belt 409417: Recommendation of Easy Daily Women’s Luxury
This is the basic leather belt for the Gucci GG Mamong logo.
This is what happens when you fasten your belt.

But there was a separate size, so I got a size 27.

The belt ends too short for maximum use.

In the long run, I… When I was thinking about getting fat,

I don’t think it’s going to be pretty.

Next time I have a chance, I’ll change it to a size larger.

I think I need to be prepared to gain weight.

Of course you don’t want to gain weight, but…

I’m not confident in the long run.

Even though I have a lot of money, each belt costs over 500,000 won.

I don’t think I’ll ever have to live again.

People have different standards of spending money.

I think I can buy this belt for up to 400,000 won.

When I go shopping in Europe, I want to make a variety of products such as Tex Leafen

I think it’s a good price to buy, but…

From now on, I will go shopping freely because of Corona.

Is it impossible to have fun?

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