I’ll reduce the number of comments by expressing my hope that you make a choice.

I’ve been a big fan of dogs since I was a kid.

Pet sitter part-time job that I’ve been thinking about all my life.

It finally started not too long ago.

Actually, I’ve been thinking too much before.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s worried about me right now.

I want to help you with my honest processes.

I’m going to let you go without adding or subtracting anything.

At some point, I was pushed out of priority.

I was eating and I couldn’t do it.

I wanted to get a certificate through a chance.

It’s been a year since I finished my work.

The job I used to work for doesn’t suit me.

Too many. Retired and taking a break.

It was the period.

I’m not afraid of a career break.

I wanted to find out what I wanted to do.

Because I like dogs and animals so much,

I was seriously thinking about 꿀알바 what it would be like to work.

And then, through the dog community site,

A place called the Korea Animal Academy

I found out there was.

It’s already famous in the instructor’s hat.

I took a light approach with the intention of listening.

The more you learn, the more you want to know, the more you want to know.

It’s a perfect match. You can do a pet sitter.

I was thinking, after that day,

I started to learn it by getting immersed in earnest.

In a month, I got a certificate.

Because I was able to achieve what I wanted.

Satisfaction and fulfillment were too high.

It’s not just about getting a license.

Application in the field through hands-on classes

Especially in that I’ve learned what’s possible.

It was more satisfying.

In fact, even if you’re learning a lot about theory,

If you can’t get out of the field and graft it,

It’s no different than not learning it.

with both theory and practice properly integrated

This was the only place where the class was held.

In addition, Professor Lee Woong Jong and Professor Yoo Chan Jong

Star instructors who can tell by their names.

I trust you more because you’re here to host the class.

I was able to concentrate and learn.

And that’s what I want to emphasize the most.

It’s in intensive hands-on training.

Popular labs are three months long waiting.

There are a lot of people who want to hear it.

That’s an education worth it.

It’s hard to find an institution that’s practicing.

Even if we find him, he’s a bad instructor.

There are many places where the wrong classes are conducted.

experienced and professional in the field

The instructor’s rash and hands-on education

I think it’s a big advantage over anything else.

I’m in the position of raising a pet,

If you do pet sitter alba, you’ll have a lot of dogs.

We have to meet.

All puppies have looks, personality, habits, etc.

They’re all different, and the way they respond is different.

Besides, if you have to correct your behavior and train yourself,

Theory alone is not enough.

He’s not my dog when he’s practicing.

It was difficult, and I felt uncomfortable.

I’m sure there was.

Even if I’m having a hard time, please let me know better.

He taught me one more thing with all his heart.

If I gave up then, I’d love to.

You said I wasn’t cut out for this path.

I might have given up.

Taking this opportunity to thank the professor.

I want to give it to you again.

It’s a popular place, but we need to get a head start.

I’ve put a little limit on it, so one by one.

It was possible to take care of it.

I don’t know anything. I just love my dog.

Think about your vision. You want to do something related.

You’ll have a hard time registering with your heart.

I’m out of work.

I signed up recklessly, but I’mr.

I was able to learn enough to get more passion.

The more I learn, the more I want to change my job.

Because I did.

Actually, not just me, but other students.

If you look at the reviews you left, how many classes do you have?

You’ll be able to feel how systematic it is.

It’s not like the consumer satisfaction index is number one.

Only the classes that students actually need.

In that the class is made of good choices are made.

It’s not comparable to other places.

The other student who was sitting next to me,

In fact, somewhere else, there’s a pet sitter.

I heard you took a lecture.

But when I actually jumped into the job market,

They don’t even treat me as a private license.

No, they were ignored.

By the way, the Korea Pet Academy is in the industry.

It’s an atmosphere of recognition. It’s a long way off.

I heard it came up.

It’s not like you’re out of town to take classes.

It’s not easy, but it’s located in the center of Seoul.

It’s in position. It’s moving back and forth.

It won’t be too inconvenient.

Actually, experience is very important in this job.

But it’s hard to build a career.

Even if you’ve worked, getting recognized for your career…

He said it was difficult.

This place is connected to Job Korea.

It’s a system that helps your career build up well.

It’s a growing market, so you’re ahead.

It’s important to keep your seats in advance.

It’s not that I’m hearing the best in the industry.

When I went out to the scene, I realized that…

It’s just the way I learned in the lab.

It was a surprise.

It’s just as easy as you’ve learned.

It’s fun, and the owner of the dog is also interesting.

You gave me a satisfying review, so I’m a professional.

I felt a sense of achievement.

When you’re done with your last lecture,

Leave a review of the course on the homepage frankly.

Share with other students and before enrollment

To help prospective students,

I’m doing it.

So do I, but the rest of the students.

high enough to recommend to other acquaintances

They expressed satisfaction.

I’m working on my pet sitter part time and time again.

Survive the expanding pet market.

I just want to do my part.

If you’re interested,

You can listen to lectures for free through the site.

We have a system in place.

I’ll attach the link below.

Keep that in mind.

responsible for students from start to finish

I want you to choose wisely.

I’ll reduce the number of comments by conveying my heart.

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