Visit and buy a product that you can trust at a price you like.

My cousin moved to a new apartment, and he needed curtains.

The day we met at Dongdaemun Market.

I went to Koivito and saw a luxury iwc watch.

My brother has an urgent matter in the morning, so he’s a little late.

I thought it would be good to enjoy shopping alone.

Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, Goibito, Luxury Middle & High School Shop

It’s close to Exit 4 or 5.

Five minutes’ walk.

specialized in secondhand luxury goods

It’s a store on the first floor of Goivito.

Not only do they sell luxury goods,

We are providing maximum price compensation 레플리카 after evaluating used luxury goods.

And you can make a business trip, so make a reservation by phone in advance.

I think it would be good to have a consultation.

The products you buy at the store are gift certificates.

You can buy it~

This is a two-story store.

The floor where the iwc clock is located.

Goivito is a five-story building from the basement.

1st floor with cafe, 2nd floor with handbag watch, jewelry

There is a handbag, miscellaneous goods and a customer service room on the third floor.

Fourth floor is also handbags, purses, and miscellaneous goods.

On the fifth floor, there is Smith Market such as clothes, shoes, etc.

And there are more clothes and shoes in the underground store.

I like watches so much.

I already have many kinds of watches here,

The store on the second floor is the one I always go to whenever I come here.

Shining watches attract customers.

It’s a little bit of a quaint. It’s a luxurious~

iwc watch

iwc Portogiser Chronograph White Plate Gold Hands

iw371604.. It’s co-ed.

It was born in Switzerland and is 41mm in size.

It’s an automatic movement.

It’s a watch of my favorite design.

I like the feminine design of the watch design.

The watch that feels neutral like this is kind of course.

It’s a luxury.Hah!

So cool~

It’s used, but it’s not used at all.

What’s better is that the price has merit.

It’s an item that I want to have for iwc watch.

3rd floor with customer service.

If you want to purchase a product, make a reservation in advance.

You can have a private consultation in the counseling room.

Various luxury bags are also on display on the third floor.

There’s a lot of different kinds, so this and that are all good.

The downside is that it’s not easy to choose.

Luxury emotions that have appeared on many shows.

Trust is the best for secondhand luxury goods.

You have to buy it and buy it where you can trust it.

This is the most important reason to visit here.

My favorite style of bag.

I’ll pick it up, I’ll hang it up.

The fact that you can shop freely here

It’s another advantage.~

Used luxury clothes on the fifth floor. Smith Market~

If you’ve looked all the way from the first to the fifth,

Lastly, you can look at the underground store.

There are more clothes and shoes on display in the underground store.

There are so many pretty shoes.

I can’t help but try it on.~

I found a pair of shoes that went well with the clothes I wore.

I tried them on.

With the iwc watch, I wanted to poke this one.
Available for purchase and sale of second-hand luxury goods

Goi Vito Dongdaemun Branch

Visit and buy a product that you can trust at a price you like.

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