Massage methods and types and effects that we know

Some of you haven’t had a massage, but none of you have.

That’s it. Massage is a great way to recover from fatigue.

It has been used for the recovery and treatment of the body since ancient times, both east and west.

It is often found that there are many records left.

The word massage in English is French, which is friction when kneading dough.

This French word means touching, feeling, dealing.

Find the origin in the Arabic massa of meaning. Press the massage in Chinese characters.

It means “vivida.” There are records of India, ancient Greece, and Rome.

Massage is the act of rubbing hands to soften joints, muscles, etc.

Each country has a different way of doing it, and it’s a different way of talking about it.

I’m thinking of doing it. First, there is a taimasazi. as part of traditional Thai medicine

Basically, oil is not used and it is done in a comfortable clothes.

It’s similar to the Chinese epigrammatic massage principle, but this epistle is not.

The air that our bodies breathe circulates through about 72,000 blood vessels.

Massage using this saggy based on facts.

In fact, there’s no formalized theory, so each massage method is individualized.

They’re all different, and yet they’re anatomically muscle and muscle.

It’s common to build on the principle of using space where joint shorthand moves.

Usually, you start with your toes, massage your legs, and then, uh, your belly button, your Dano.

It spreads through holes in the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc. Naturally, the sequence of blood 건마 circulation

It helps to keep up the circulation without clogging.

If you relax your whole body and keep your breath in sync, it’s the icing on the cake.

Breathe in through your nose and let as much air into your body as possible.

As you inflate and exhale, you’ll feel like you’re pulling the air out of the ribs completely.

Exhale. When you get a female massage with breathing, the effect doubles.

Ayurveda in India is a traditional medicine that has been handed down from ancient times.

Based on the constitution, propensity, and personality, oil, massage, yoga, meditation, etc.

It is an alternative medicine that uses it to heal the body. The massage you do here is mainly about herbal scents.

I am performing the aroma massage that I used, and I just need to find the right massage for me.

Aroma means scent. Lavender has a calming effect, and it also has a soft oil.

Likewise, fragrant scents are said to help you relax.

Today, we talked about massage at Snowman, a women’s massage in Jongno.

I hope you are happy today.^^

By combining this with massage, you can heal your tired body.

If you get a proper massage, you feel hungry. out of stress

Why don’t we get rid of it with our countless lives and massages? a happy idea

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