The hand grip of the real masseuse is no joke.

The new Monday of the week has already come. Did you all have a good weekend? Now, social distinctions across the country, including the Seoul metropolitan area, have been elevated to two levels, so I think most of you have spent time at home. I visit massage shops regularly, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to receive it if I upgrade my social distance to level 3. So I’m going to introduce the men’s massage shop that I go to often.

And then over here.

We’ve got a foot spa!

The masseuses came out.

After you give me a foot massage,

Now go into the room.

Get a massage
This place is

Where the couple massages are going.

I’ll go with my friends or my mom.

Even if I’m talking to you and you’re talking to him.

I thought it would be great!

It’s a little dim with the lights.

It’s a more comfortable atmosphere.

For this lousy private massage room

Daejeon Male Massage – Gain
The first shop I will introduce is Gain located in Galma-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon. It is an all-round beauty shop that offers various massages such as Swedishimasaji, Romomimisaji, Aromasaji, Dry Massage, and Emotional Therapy. The advantage is that you can get a massage at a relatively low price because there are military, review, group, and weekly massage events. All of them are Korean massage paramedics, so you can get very satisfying care.

Here, too, clean and well-organized.

I can check it out!

After receiving a full-body aroma oil therapy,

When I’m done stretching, I’m going to make a lemon balm tea.

He’s taking care of me again!

Yeoksam Station Massage Natural Tiespa

It was so cool.♥️
The program is divided into four types of suede courses. Course A is priced at 70,000 won for 40 minutes, course B is 100,000 won for 60 minutes, course C is 140,000 won for 90 minutes, and course D is 17 인계동 스웨디시 manon for 70 minutes, and it is open from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. and is open on weekends all year round.

The hand grip of the real masseuse is no joke.

And what about cool places?

You know so well.

Oh, they’re all clumped together.

It is cool.

Can you feel it in your hands?

Until it’s completely solved.

You’ve been doing it’sorry.

I felt refreshed all day long after coming out.

When you’re really feeling so sick,

I’m going to go around and let her go.

I would like to get it every day.

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