It’s really exciting to see you gently pressing the foot massage tool.

It’s the oil I got. It’s not artificial or strong. It’s a subtle scent that makes your hair feel refreshed. I heard that you use 100% natural oil, so it’s very good for moisturizing your skin and helping you recover from fatigue and relieve stress. It was all I needed, so I was looking forward to managing it.

I started to manage it with a simple scalp massage. They pressed down on my scalp, but I didn’t know that scalp massage was this cool massage. Perhaps because the director of Uijeongbu 1-person shop massage shop did a good job, I felt relieved because my head got really light and I felt better. It’s so thrilling to see you gently pressing the foot massage tool!

Personally, I felt that the bright atmosphere and the interior of the well-organized shop were well-managed, that the boss’s mind and response were doing business, and that I was confident that it would work better in the future. And I’m going to help. The shop I visited for the first time in a long time was my heart, and I say I’m the best, but I’m sure it’s my management skills and mindset that are second to none. Before leaving the shop after the management was finished, I had a brief reception with the boss, and there was a part where I could feel your mind.

It’s more complete than you can see in the picture, and 스웨디시 it’s clean and clean, of course.

I went around regularly because I was kind to the service sector.

It’s so comfortable and nice that I’m telling you I haven’t found a better way to heal.~

The first place I went near Jonggak Station is Jongro Gunma Shop.

From the fitting room to the shower room, the entrance to the shower room had a unique scent. as I thought

It’s so different from the image that it’s very well organized in each space, and you can use everything comfortably with the guidance of the staff.

So now it’s a place where I come and go. What do you want to focus on when you first visit?

I used to talk to him about management, but now he knows me well, so he’s in charge, and he’s in charge, and he’s in charge, and he’s in that case.

I’m doing a good job.

He said that the reason he created a bright atmosphere was because this is the place where tired people come from his social life, and that he purposely brightened the atmosphere of the shop with the thought of wanting those who come to feel a little bit of arson. I could see your mind here. I thought that the shop could develop further and left a good impression on you. Next time, I said that I would visit with my friends and left. The boss gave me a cold drink and saw me off until I left. This is how my first visit ended, and it was worth visiting today.

I’m doing a full-body aromas, and they notice where I’m uncomfortable right away and focus on taking care of me. Before I got the massage, my shoulders were very heavy, but after I got it, it became lighter. And my hands and feet were always cold because my blood circulation was bad, but after getting a massage at Uijeongbu shop, my hands and feet got warm and I felt like blood was going around for a long time, so I was really satisfied.

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