If I go on a trip, I’m going to get a massage every day.

Last month, I went to Bangkok and Pattaya and fell in love with the massage.

I don’t understand why I massage one massage a day for the first week of my trip.

I went to get a massage just before I came to Korea.

Oh, my God. I was so happy that I wondered why I had to go now.

He’s out of the office after his maintenance hours. The boss checked carefully to see if he was well taken care of until the moment he left. I usually say hello, but I feel good to see you taking care of me until I leave. Only then did I realize that I was being cared for and treated. It was really touching. I’ve invested my time and money, but I can’t help being a regular. I was very pleased with the satisfactory management and the boss’s witty response. I got the best therapy, and I got 100 points for my personal assessment.

Next time, I will talk to my friends and come to get some care.

Since I’m a smoker, I asked if there’s a smoking room 마사지 and they said there’s a separate smoking room. I didn’t even know there was a smoking room because the inside of the massage shop in Sangdong was very clean and nice! The ventilation system is also well-equipped, so it’s very comfortable. I think it’s a good place for smokers.

I felt so refreshed and refreshed, so I regret that I should have received it every day.

So if I go on a trip to Southeast Asia next time, I will definitely get a massage every day.

Maybe it’s because I couldn’t get a proper massage even after I came to Korea, but I want to go there again.

It was like a chimney.

Maybe it’s because I have a lot of work to do at work these days, I don’t think I slept and I’m tired.

I felt tired, so I went to Bucheon Swedishimasa Temple with my friend only once.

It reminded me of whole body care.

This place is Narsha Terapi in Bucheon, and I found out that I was going to get a Bucheon Swedish massage.

I thought I would like to go there because the price is not bad and the reviews are good. The reviews are good.

I made a reservation this time to visit when I have some free time.

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