Luxury wallet Louis Vuitton leather replacement care

Cowhide leather from Louis Vuitton products

at an old age

The surface splits like a photograph

Easily cause leather damage.

It’s less durable and less difficult to use.

the PVC Louis Vuitton monogram fabric of the body

Even if it is 10 years and 20 years, it remains without any big problem

To reuse the bag above

You can fix the problem.

Cowhide is an aging leather part.

The cowhide leather with tanning

It’s the attractive point of the Louis Vuitton bag.

But we can’t avoid the traces of time.

So, the task of replacing this aging leather

It’s the most basic work of Louis Vuitton luxury repairs

in the work of the numerous design models

It is applicable.

And hundreds of design bags.

So our blog

Many models of leather replacements

It’s been posted steadily

We’ll go through our own laundry service

the whole perfection is high

It is a task that users are satisfied with.

Today’s Estrela model

The whole leather was replaced

the washing is serviced in the whole replace

It is born again with a more clean feeling inside and outside.

Beige-colored tanned cowhide is dead

all of which are replaced

The new bag in the picture is the same bag as the old bag above

using one site one site pattern

It’s the same work

according to bag

Recycle decoration

Reduces heterogeneity and repairs.

The Estrela model is unusually

There’s a lot of rivet decorations with the logo on them.

the reuse of this part is done

We will reduce the heterogeneity of the bag.

the logo is inscribed on all kinds of the decorations

The reuse of decorations is the main task

This makes the bag more natural

As you become tanning, there will be no big difference from your genuine product.

Leather is a high-end cowhide leather

naturally, the tanning is advanced among use

Because of this, many users like it more.

And not the first state 레플리카 of leather

with basic tanning

a little by little, the feeling of use is given

It’s less awkward.

Finally, through the washing

the smear contamination piled up for many years is eliminated

Improve the overall workload of the bag

accumulating on the surface of leather

It helps remove life pollution, stains, foreign substances, dust, and luxury bag mold

the washing of contaminant is helped

It contains conditioning components

at the same time with the protection of leather

He helps me with leather care.

as a product

the leather is helped cleanly. And the luxury wallet

Basic management is possible!

as a colorless, odorless product

You care for me

Smell Vale X on leather

Vale X for leather

the contamination can seep into the minute leather inside

in the management dimension of the luxury wallet, periodically

Cleaning is the way to leather health!

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