a healthy mainstream culture that drinks and enjoys simply

There is a public parking lot right in front of the store, so you can park it easily and use it. There are many restaurants around Bonggu Beer, so I think it is in a good position to visit when I want to have a drink after enjoying a second 셔츠룸 dinner. It is not a very clean and luxurious bar, but it is a place where you visit occasionally because of the sensible design that you have been using since before.
Inside the store, it was a little dark, but it was a place where the atmosphere was live because of the subtle lighting that was occasional. The atmosphere inside the store was a place where some retro style was retro sensibility and at the same time, it was full of old feelings. As there are pros and cons of each bar, luxurious, clean and delicate bars are attractive, but these rugged, local and local bars seem to have another charm.
I ordered the basic biscuits, Bonggu highballs and Jack Honey beer. In the case of Bonggu Highball, whiskey and carbonated water are mixed at an appropriate rate. It is a whiskey cocktail that reduces the alcohol content and adds the flavor of soda water while reviving the flavor and taste of whiskey.
And in the case of Jack Honey Beer, you can feel the taste of beer filled with honey flavor while being well mixed with Jack Daniel Honey and beer.
The compatibility of succulent but frustrating biscuits and cool beer was so good that the liquor went into the temple. As it is said that it is drunk in the atmosphere, even though I did not drink a few beer, I was comfortable with the atmosphere of the old feeling.
There is a snack that must be eaten: French fries (5,000). It is a fried potato that has a good crispy taste and a good thickness at the same time, so it was very moist and tasted very good. It is delicious because it has a salty taste even if it is just eaten, but it also goes well with the chili and yoplake sauce that I provided together.
I’ve never eaten tteokbokki in Beer, but it contains soup, so if you spoon it, you can feel the right taste. The spicy taste is the same even when it is sweet, but the Bonggu Beer Tteokbokki was quite spicy. I’ve never eaten tteokbokki as a beer snack, but it was better than I thought. If you like tteokbokki and eat spicy things well, I recommend you try it once
It is a place where you can feel the old atmosphere and you can use it comfortably because there is a parking lot in front of you. Also, the trademark French fried and draft beer of Bonggu Beer were so delicious, and the soup tteokbokki was spicy, but it was so delicious
We fell into a trilogy of stories, and then the tables filled with the snacks, the perfect jackpot, and we were all over the place
I think the word “sick legs” is used in this way. Big tables are packed enough. This is the basics.
And salmon sashimi, a sorghum made up of sashimi and tuna, is an additional menu for a taste of savory meetings
And I think it is the charm of the bar Izakaya that you can taste seafood together.
I took it in the grass and it seemed like a bad taste. My favorite salmon club came out as a basic.
A fish was fried out of the air. It’s a flounder, but I don’t know what the exact name is. I could taste it small
While I was having a cool beer with a taste of basic dazzi snacks, Alchonji Altang boiled a little bit of boggle, and I could see why the word Alchonji came out. The egg was really full
The soup of the egg soup with mussels and bean sprouts is cool, but the soup is just soju, and the egg and the goni are very rich
I thought of memories, and I did not know that I was eating, drinking and time in a private space room, including the interior atmosphere decorated with retro style, various snacks,
In fact, I felt that the ship was really cold and overflowing, but I ordered sushi because it was a sushi house, saying that I should eat rice.

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