It was as if it were united.

My wife has worked full-time late hours these days.
I visited the massage shop to relieve the fatigue of the joint

87 Woosung Leboa 2nd floor 209, Magok Central 5th, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

This visit is a nearby 9th line Shinbanghwa Station from the wife company.
The place is a building just in front of exit 5 of Shinbanghwa Station!
If you come on the subway, it’s 부천건마 just the building on the right side of exit 5.
The left side is a tea lane, so don’t look at it!
When I get into the building, there’s an elevator. I just rode the elevator without thinking.
But… It is the second floor, so it is not too much to walk up without any burden.

You can see the price tag in advance on the first floor.
Waiting for the elevator, you can look at the price tag for a while and think about what kind of massage you will get.

I’m leaving the elevator, going to the right, and at the end of the left alley.
There’s a hair salon in front, and there’s a lot of stuff. You can come to the inside.

Inside, it’s all right where this is
I can not see it in front of the elevator, so do not worry and come in.

The Foot Shop is a chain store, right? It’s a clean area safe store.
After all management, 99.9% of phytoncide was treated with antimicrobial spray
Once a product, sanitary products, and ethanol disinfectants, they are sterilized at a high temperature of 120 degrees every day.
And Footshop is not a place to massage with strong follicles.
Unlike blind massages aimed at treatment, Footshop is a place that gives vitality to everyday life tired of fatigue recovery and healing.

This is what the interior looks like.
When I heard it, it was neat and good songs came out.

You can change your shoes on the left side of the entrance.
You can continue to use it in the dressing room with a key changed from the shoebox.
Drinks and coffee are available for self-drinking
I have a place to sit for a while while changing my shoes.

There are various cars available.
We’re ready, but we didn’t drink.

If you visit the dressing room with the key used in the shoe shop as it is ~
Just like that ~ You can use the key to return to your clothes.

Wears are in various sizes when you go to the dressing room.
At the bottom, there is a place where you collect clothes below after the massage.

There’s a shower room inside,
It is written about the disorganized head or etiquette.
Once you change, you take a foot bath.

There is a footbath room in the lobby where about six people can do it at once.
There are air cleaners next to you, and some books for people who are bored.

The foot bath is prepared in various flavors.
When you get into the dressing room, you’re ready right then, you’re gonna return and come out
You can do the foot bath right away.

interior interior
The inside of the song

My wife received an aroma massage, and I received a dry massage.
I got intensive back and shoulder … I woke up a few days ago to sleep, and my left shoulder and wing bone
I kept sticking together like I was. But this time, I got a lot of massages and I got a lot of it.
I did not know, but I did not just have a left but a lot of the right side on the other side.

This is what the inside looks like
I always clean it up neatly and cleanly organized after the massage.
A small box on the table is a place to leave about a cell phone or watch.

It is recommended that you make a reservation before visiting the massage shop ~
Of course, it is good to visit, but there may be a disadvantage of longer waiting time.

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