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Podoli got in a nice car, and the public got excited and followed where they were going.
He went to train members of Bimurberg, the largest online shoo-gari car Internet cafe, to prevent traffic safety. When Podoli arrived at the venue, the members greeted him warmly.
Popular Bombing Bimerberg is the largest online Suagarica Internet club.
The increasing proportion of suari cars and the explosive increase in the number of suari tea infants, especially among young people, is causing social problems caused by illegal driving and illegal tuning of suari tea club members.
As a result, it is the first non-commercial club in Korea that owners of suagarica voluntarily gathered to spread the safe driving culture and sound tuning culture.
Starting with the connection with Yongsan Police Station every year, we are promoting safety driving campaigns and traffic safety education every year.
Sergeant Jang Yong-bae of the Transportation Department delivers safety education to prevent traffic accidents through actual cases, and Officer Park Jung-kyu explains reckless driving and retaliatory driving easily, so his brother seems to be giving a similar story.
It also drew sympathy from the members.
I wonder if we’ve learned about reckless driving and retaliatory driving here.
Violent driving refers to more than one of the acts specified in the Road Traffic Act’s Prohibition of Violent Driving, such as traffic violation, central line violation, etc. by threatening others in succession, sight, or repetition.
Violent driving would result in up to years in prison or a fine of up to 10,000 won. Production of Road Traffic Act Manufacturing Manufacturing Reflection Driving is a way to stop, overtake, and 88카 zigzag along the threat lane, push your path forward, push to the shoulder, push your hand towards the centerline, push your hand down to the side, and follow the car, and follow the light. It’s driving behavior that increases the risk of developing. If you’ve done that many times, it could be applied to special assault and special damage, depending on the case. The safety driving sticker license plate guard. The safety driving stickers and license plate guards are being manufactured and operated on their own to ensure that they comply with the regular relief and drive safely. There’s something I want to say to the people of Bimerberg.
I’m sure you’ll go. Stop driving safely

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